The Team

Academic Coordinator: Prof. Panagiotis Liargovas

He holds the Jean Monnet Chair on EU Integration and Policies (2012-15) as well as the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence on Governance (2016-2019).  He is among the top 19% authors (ranked 77 of 426) in Greece by file downloads, according to REPEC, ( He has a long record of advising governmental institutions on public policy. He has been the Scientific Co-coordinator in 14 research projects financed by the European Commission or by the OECD and/or by the Government of Greece.

He has also served as an Evaluator of scientific proposals for D.G. XIII, Science, Research and Development, Brussels., programmes with a total number of contracts: 13.

He has significant administrative experience. He was the Head of the Parliamentary Budget Office in the Greek Parliament during the period 2012-2018. He is currently Chair of the Board and Scientific Director of the Center of Planning and Economic research (KEPE) the largest and oldest (established in 1959) economics research Centre in Greece. He is also the Chair of the Greek Productivity Board

Key research participant: Dr Nikolaos Apostolopoulos

He is research and teaching fellow at the Department of Management Science and Technology at the University of Peloponnese. He is also Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Neapolis University Pafos and Deputy Programme Leader in MSc in European Politics and Governance (Distance Learning) He was Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Programme Leader in the MSc in Entrepreneurship and MSc in Entrepreneurship and International Development at the University of Plymouth. He holds a PhD with distinction in entrepreneurship and regional sustainable development in the European Union. He also holds a MSc in European Studies for Business and Organizations’ Managers. He has participated in more than 10 funding initiatives of the EU Structural Funds. Among these initiatives, he was co-author of a report on the impact of the Europe 2020 strategy on the Greek economy and society which was funded by the EU Structural Funds. Moreover, he is key researcher of a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Governance at the University of Peloponnese. Dr Apostolopoulos was successfully co-applicant of the Enterprise Educators UK research and he is currently working through this grant in entrepreneurship education and sustainable development. Dr Apostolopoulos is co-author of a handbook which explores social entrepreneurship in Europe and co-editor in a forthcoming collective volume in entrepreneurship and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, his research publications focus on entrepreneurship and sustainability. Finally, he acts as scientific adviser at the Labour Institute (INE-GSEE) in Greece and adviser in entrepreneurship and employability at the rehabilitation centre “Amaltheia”. He acts as an expert of economic growth at SAYWA project “Legal Boundaries of Work between Peru and Bolivia” which is funded by EuropeAid programme – Investing in people. He is also a co-guest editor of special issue entitled “Entrepreneurship and the European Union policies after 60 years of common European vision: regional and spatial perspectives” launched by the Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.